Sunday, June 19, 2016

Matt's DIY electric skateboard

My DIY electric skateboard build: 


Total watts: 3200~
Range: 12-15 miles* (per set of batteries. Batteries can be swapped in seconds are are light enough to fit in your pockets. With my setup I can charge a set to full in < 2 hours from 5%)

Top speed: 15-20 mph 

Capacity: Easily capable of caring 250 pounds worth of rider & gear. Likely would handle a 300 pound rider no problem.

Final BoM:

// Amazon prime
Deck: $73
trucks: $40
bearings: $18


// Hobbyking

motors: $80
Lipo's: $180 (2 sets of 8AH 6s. 12-15 mile range per set)

ESC: $70

tax & shipping: $40
total parts: $550

 Grand Total: $590!!!!

The ride:

I took it out for a nice 3 mile ride. The ride included stop and go, hills, flat areas, rough patches, and super smooth patches. I didn't really attempt full throttle as it goes too fast for my own comfort. I will need to work my way up to full speed. I can say this.. I was flying past cyclist. It was pretty smooth ride and incredibly fun. I opted for massive 97mm wheels which handle rough patches of road and bumps with ease. The brakes are kinda weak but are helpful when going down hill. They help slow your down. Because of the huge wheels and style of board I got, I can drag my rear shoe on top of the wheel to help slow the board down as well. It works well for me.

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