Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Open gantry update

We have been working for some time to get approval from Google to release the files for the completed open gantry. It looks like that should be done soon, and that we will be able to release open gantry to the world. Here are some updated photos. The CNC is completely operational and cutting wood and cardboard. This is out 1:4 scale model. The total cost of this version came in at roughly $350. We have done the research and it looks like the full scale 9ft X 5ft version will cost $450 excluding the cost of router bits. The next steps for us is to organize the source files, create a bill of materials, write detailed assembly instructions, and get the word out.

We would love to work with some Alpha testers. We will provide detailed instructions and guidance for cutting and assembling the CNC. Anything and everything we can do to help we will. If you want a large CNC for ~$350-450 this is a great option.

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