Thursday, October 25, 2012

Death star pumpkin the fast way.

A few years back I saw a deathstar pumpkin on the internet and got super excited. I bought a pumpkin and pumpkin carving kit, and got to work. I quickly found out that it was an extremely slow and tedious design. That year I gave up on my death star pumpkin. This year thought I brought out the big guns.


  • Bench grinder modified for pumpkins.
  • A dremel
  • A belt sander sander
  • A sawzall
  • A rat tail file

I drew the lines with masking tape, and then put the pumpkin on a mount which let me rotate it and place it against the grinder. I cut all the horizontal lines with the grinder as well as the "laser hole". I used the dremel for the vertical lines, and the rat tail to en-large the vertical lines. The belt sander for smothing the "lightning hold". The sawzall cut the opening. 

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